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When you're about to move, one of the important things you need to have is a moving checklist. But what exactly is a moving checklist and what should it contain?

In a nutshell your moving checklist can become your lifeline throughout your entire process of moving. There are many little things to organize that you might not even be aware of right now, and without having jotted every single one of them, it's very easy to forget some, which could bring you to troubles later on. You need a checklist to ensure a smooth operation of your moving project from start to finish.

It will give you the chance to oversee exactly what you have to do step by step and enable you to focus on the important things, tackling everything in their proper order and importance. Also such a check list is perfect for people who feel that they are rather disorganized. Here everything is nicely broken down in bits and pieces, categories and actual tasks to do every day (or every week or month) coming up to the actual move. Also the checklist can contain addresses and phone numbers of people to contact when necessary. This is truly your moving journal.

Of course like any other list, a moving checklist is something dynamic, that can be modified at any given time, depending on the situation. It's easy to add to it, or remove already done things or those that no longer need any attention. However without such a list you will most likely forget many small yet very important details that have to be taken care of well in advance to ensure a proper relocation. If you move abroad, you might need a temporary visa until a permanent one is organized for you. The checklist is there to remind you that this task still needs to be done.

Also organizing moving boxes and the days to pack so you can ask any friends of family for help should be entered in your list. This way you will ensure that you will have people around you helping with the packing. If you don't give them enough notice in advance, they might not be available during the days when the packing is on.

While you can create your own list from scratch (think about it like your grocery shopping list), there are many lists available online either for free or for a fee. You don't need to spend money on such lists if you search a bit around on the net as these lists are widely available and it's even easy to create them on your own in software like Excel or even Notepad.

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